Wedding planner gifts brides with free services

A wedding planner is making dreams come true for brides who can't afford every piece of their wedding.

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CHICAGO - A wedding planner is making dreams come true for brides who can't afford every piece of their wedding. 

Now, she's looking for Chicago brides who need a helping hand. 

Nashville wedding planner Sarah Barker has assisted 100 brides nationwide, but no one yet in the Chicago area. 

Vendors pay a small monthly fee to be a part of the program. 

Then, when a bride needs their services, those vendors are paid in full, and the bride gets the service for free. 

"As a bride comes to the website to submit their dream, they see those partners in that local area. And so, if a Chicago bride is looking for a dream, maybe a little something special for her big wedding day, she can see those photographers, those wedding planners, and all those people that are in the Chicago market, to be able to provide those dreams for her," said Barker.

You can submit your dream on, and see a list of participating vendors. 

Local event planner gives brides-to-be dream weddings


NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Sarah Lizabeth is not just an event planner and venue owner, she’s also a bride-to-be herself.

“After seeing how this has impacted the event industry and also brides across the United States, having to postpone my own personal wedding this year, I just thought, there is something more I can do,” Lizabeth said.

So she came up with “Give a Wedding.”

“Within 30 minutes of putting the website up, I’ve heard from so many people,” she said.

Since the pandemic put the brakes on thousands of weddings, Sarah wants those brides-to-be to have the one thing they desire: something special, for a very big day.

It could be a wedding dress, or a photobooth for another bride to be.

On the Give a Wedding website there’s even more dreams, like wedding bands, flowers and a DJ.

And Sarah hopes to make them all happen.

“My greatest hope we would be that this will continue to grow and people will continue to give so that we can be able to give everybody their dreams,” she said.

Sarah says they’re able to make these dreams happen through donations and sponsors.

So if you would like help out, or maybe you have your own dream for your wedding, head over to the Give a Wedding website for more information.