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Our mission is to give wedding dreams to those in need and give business to our partners in the wedding industry. 

Your wedding day is a time to celebrate your commitment to each other surrounded by your closest friends and family. 


But, is there is something you are missing? We want to know and fulfil your dream through our partners serving brides across the United States. 

If you are in need of a venue, wedding planner, florist, baker, caterer, photographer, videographer, bartender, DJ, band, string quartet, rentals, draping, light, tents, rings, hair & makeup, officiant or even a dress, let us know how we can help make your day a little more special. 

You submit your dream and we pay our partners to fulfil it. 

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Dream Dress- $2,500.00

Dream Band- $3,500.00

Dream DJ- $1,200.00

Dream Flowers- $2,000.00

Dream Photobooth-$800.00 

Dream Venue- $7,500.00

Dream Rings- $4,000.00

Dream Photographer- $5,000,00

Dream Videographer- $3,500.00

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Our Story & Mission

Sarah Lizabeth Barker, a Nashville, Tennessee Wedding Planner and Event Venue Owner was inspired to do more for others within the wedding and event industry. Give A Wedding's mission is to give those in need their wedding dreams. 

Our hope is to help Bride's across the United States with their wedding dreams as well as support wedding vendors to bring back business to the wedding & event industry. 

"To whom much is given, much will be required."

(Luke 12:48)

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"I met my dream guy, and the guy I've been praying for. However due to the Corona Virus money been very tight . I've been countless days and night praying and crying for something to break. This would our my first wedding and my opportunity to have both my biological family there as well as my adoptive family. I would love to have my dream photographer in order to have beautiful memories. Currently we owe $1,300 for the photography this package did include a engagement session plus full coverage of the day. If God could use you to bless me i would forever be thankful and would continue to pass it on."

- South Carolina Bride

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"I was going to get married this year but I had to put my wedding on hold due to Covid 19. So now I have it planned for April. During the shut down my soon to be husband got laid off from work. During that time we got custody of his son. So that also put a hold on planning our wedding. My dream for our wedding is to have a small rustic wedding in the spring. I would like to have spring flowers. When on a very small budget it is hard to know where to start on getting flowers. But I am going to put my faith into Gods hand and pray that it will work out."

- Tennessee Bride

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"After 2 years and 9 interviews, I landed my dream job and got engaged to the best man I have ever known besides my Dad. I felt I was on top of the world! We agreed to marry in Vegas because we felt it would be an amazing time. Contracts had been signed, budget allocated and the fun of planning was under way. Then, Covid hit. And with the uncertainty lingering and I working in the aviation industry, I could see things slowly take a turn. It’s been 9 months, countless interviews, and still no job in sight. I have a venue and photographer that need to be paid off. Even if that’s all there is, I’m ok marrying my best friend in a beautiful place with beautiful photos. I come to you to respectfully request a pay off of $1500 for both. Gratefully, I found my dream dress within my budget at the time and I would love nothing more than to wear it, surrounded by those we love, in a place made for smiles. Thank you in advance for your consideration and gratitude."

- Georgia Bride

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"Hey there, I hope I’m not asking for too much by wanting a photo booth of some sort and possibly flowers. I’m so thankful for the little I have already for my wedding, but it would be so amazing to have this option so our family and friends can take away some thing as small as a photo memory from our special day. It’s definitely something out of budget, and we already have a small guest list because of the budget. But I would love love love to have our special day be remembered just a little while longer with the people we love. I’m thankful for any consideration at all. Thank you for what you’re doing for couples everywhere!"

-Florida Bride